Sunday, November 23, 2008

hmmmmm getting "fat"?

Yeah it seems that I am gaining some unwanted and unknown weight.

I had never been over 110 pounds in my life (of course, except when I was pregnant)! When I ended in the hospital drama (between July and late August) I ended down under 100 pounds. I thought something was really wrong... but contrary, it seems that whatever the Dr's took out of me, it's weight is multiplying.

Yesterday I weighted myself and I was 128!!!! 128!!!

I have had to go clothes shopping the last 2 weeks because most of my pants don't fit me for my life. I am frustrated, I have never wore anything over a 3, they where even huge sometimes and my last pair of purchased jeans (less than 3 days ago) was a 7 and pushing it!

I do not understand, I don't feel fat, I do notice a bit of a less shapely waist, but nothing to worry about.

I have been eating, I would say a bit more than normal, but again, nothing to worry about.

As usual, Horacio says its all good, that he does not see me fat, he loves me, no?

I'll try to take some half decent pictures so you guys can see what I am talking about.

I'll update you all on the move in couple of days.

Love ya all,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Last few weeks

Yeah I know I've been rather absent for a while. But I have spent very little time by the actual PC.

Between birtday celebration and a darn throat infection I have been somehow busy. Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes and if you have not said anything yet it's ok. I celebrate the whole month. :)

On Saturday I had a great day (that would be 11/1. Had lunch @ Johnny Rockets and then for dinner we went to Boston Lobster Feast. I still have no idea as to how or where I acommodated all that food. Furthermore, after thta day I've become a vaccumm cleaner when it comes to food. I don' seem to be gaining any serious weight, but my pants seem to finally fit correctly.

Horacio took me shopping in between meals. Aeropostale had a great deal on tank @ .99 each so I took like 12 I think, all very cute. Then we went to Charlotte Russe and there he threw the wallet out the wndow. 2 pairs of jeans (not the cheap kind) and couple of blouses at regular price. I am still in awe. I love this man, even if he did not got me nothing at all.

Now, Sunday, the pain in my esophagus was too much to bare so I ended up in the ER surprinsigly enough I was in and out in 3 hoiurs. The medications they gave me this time worked like a charm. It may have something to do that by coincidence the same Dr. that sent me home on July 9 was the same Dr. that took care of me his time. I have a feeling that my case ended up in review because she even apologize for sending me home that day. She said that she should have admitted me. I told her that it was water under the brigde. All forgotten as I am all good now. more later. writing from cell


Monday, November 10, 2008