Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What about the diet?

Well, it was told to me that with this newfound diabetes my food intake was going to get bad, meaning that I would not be able to eat the foods I love (Mc Donalds and all that crap). I agree BUT I have been able to manage new interesting, very tasty foods.

The fact that I should alternate proteins has me eating chicken, beef, seafood and lots and lots of vegetables. I have found very creative ways to do this. Fortunatelly the website of Diabetes control for life has many many healthy recipes for people like me :-) I am utterly happy with all recipes and ideas I've been able to get from it. I highly reccomend it. Best of everything, I still have to find 1 recipe or idea that has not worked.

For example, tonight I am making Tilapia on sauce with harvest couscous. Yummy yummy..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One new era for North America

It is now 6:20 EST here in Orlando, Florida. I woke up at 7:00AM. I turned on the TV and chose to watch with most of the rest of the world, the inauguration ceremonies for President Barak Hussein Obama. Finally!!!

As I know 90% of the blogging world will be giving their impressions of the factual ceremonies and subsequent events, I guess I should and must do the same.

First and foremost, as much as I envy all those millions of people on the Mall, I definitively give thanks to the most mighty that I watched from the commodity of my home with lots of heating !!!! They are definitively BRAVE AMERICANS.

As soon as President Obama appeared, the first glance of our incoming president, and as soon as the many Jumbotrons showed a glance of Obama, you can tell how much he has on his shoulders. How much this country hopes for a good 4 years. The masses went wild at the very glance of his shade or the broken sound of his voice. Both Fox and CNN had to stop the speaking of their reporters because the screaming was both unexpected and overwhelming. This is already an all American hero and he has still to fully move into the White House.

I will be brutally honest, the moment that I personally enjoyed the most from everything, the moment that Bush 43 left Washington with a one way ticket to Texas. It was the end of some bad times, of relinquishing responsibilities on to something or someone else. The end of bad decisions with no apparent consequences.

I hope he can ammaend his errors somehow, I pray to the most high!

Now we have a new dawn. Hopefully our President can get up early tomorrow as he has 10 inagural balls to attend and dance on.... Michelle will lead as I think he may be too tired already He He He. But tomorrow starts the honeymoon with the citizens of the USA and unfortunately I know we are very antsy and anxious people. We need to see results and see them fast. I hope they know, as I do, that things as the things we need done in the USA, done by Obama's office, need time, diplomacy and mostly patience. Nothing will happen overnight, heck, not even over the period of one, two, three or even four years. The damage has been too great and even when the actual damage was done in a small period (less than a year), the repairs will take some serious time.

Anyway, this is all I have to say for now. Still wiping my tears from 12:05 Noon and trying to deal with the goosebumps that still have aftershocks Je Je Je. It is a wonderous moment to be alive.

Monday, January 19, 2009


So finally the hospital figured out why I keep getting sick. I have Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM from now on). This should not surprise me as it is Hereditary, I always known that me and my siblings where pre-diabetic, but as none of us never actually got ill, we all thought we where "safe". Contraire, my blood sugar seems not to go below 175 since I started measuring with the glucose meter (3 days ago) and today, my sugar has not gone below 195, even when I am on a strict diet.

I have modified my daily diet accordingly. My necessary coffee, I drink tons of coffee, has changed to coffee with soy milk or skim milk and sweeteners. My bread is whole wheat, 7 or 15 grain. My ice cream had change to fat free yogurt on moderated doses :-(.

Diet soda, forget about my beloved white rice or my beloved potatoes. Thank God for cheeses and eggs, otherwise I think I would have perished.

You see? Diabetes seems to be OK. Just that when you are not used to watch what you eat, you have spent all your life eating what you want, when you want, this becomes cumbersome and confusing. Locally, I have found a very good and simple book... Diabetes for Dummies, it is making me a bit as is when it comes to this chronic condition that seems to be part of my life now.

My only concren that my blood glucose does no seem to go down, no matter what I do, and I obviously, cannot stop eating, it would make it all worst.

Look at my readings so far today:

4:00 AM 195 (2 cups of coffee w/soy milk & sweeteners)
6:49 AM 217 (about 1/2 cup of cheese cubes & water)
8:30 AM 253 (half a cup of dry cheerios)

I have no clue why the glucose keeps going up. Help, anyone?


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Historicity Studies

For the last 4-5 years I have taken an interest on researching and studying the Historicity of the Bible.

What is that? The Bible and other scriptures have been edited and re-edited several hundred times. Why? Because while the origina scriptures where written in Aramaic and Ancient Hebrew, when it came time to "evangelize" a new sector of the civilization, one person or a group of people, would translate/interpret the scriptures in the necesary language.

Here is where the problem begins, a word in Spanish (for example) may have more than one meaning or translation in English, French, German ect....

When the so-called translation was done, the author/translator had to sometimes interpret or adjust words or phrases in order to try to be accurate with the original manuscript.

We also have to take into consideration the fact the Aramaic has been a dead language since the time of Christ. Actually, as part of the suppresion of religion in those times. Aramaic was prohibited for about 100 years. Therefore, what we have are transcriptions of oral tradition that was almost lost over 2000 years ago.

I research and study evidentiary material regarding this issues and some other conflicting events and traditions that may or may not have to do with the Bible.

This year I plan to delve myself more into my studies, I have been lacking desire and purpose to do so, but I know that my studies and sacrifices will pay eventually.


New year's resolutions, Nannette's version

As the new year begins we all like to work on our new year's resolutions. So will I.

This year has me quitting cigarettes, losing weight and taking more care of my personal health. Also I want to actually take time to work on my creativity.

About the cigarette issue I guess I have to take it easy. I stopped smoking cold turkey about 2 weeks ago and I tell you, it is horrible. I have lots of cold sweats, my body temperature seems to have gone out of whack. I have a horrible bad taste in my mouth constantly. Mouthwash has become my best friend. I get an apparent drop on blood pressure that makes me really dizzy. I guess I will use the Florida quit line and try this again with time and patience.

Losing weight... yeah that sounds strange for me. I had never gained weight like this, not even when I was pregnant. I am currently at 141 lbs. My normal weight is around 110 lbs. In the last 3 months I have gained lots of weight for no apparent reason. I feel bloated, heavy and clumsy. Let's not forget, none of my clothes fit anymore. Need to desperately go out do some shopping, well maybe wait couple of weeks to see if my new regimen works at all.

I am starting to go to the community gym at least 3 times a week. Get to eat healthier, watch my sweets, limit my Ice Cream consumption. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Let's see how it goes.

About taking care of my general health. Well the last 2 times I was checked in the hospital, they keep saying that my sugar is high. This never happened before. I am going to work on this, my mother is diabetic and I just found out that diabetes runs of my paternal side of my family. Never thought this could affect me, but seems that it finally caught up with me. We will take care of this.

Working on my creativity..... I keep putting my goals to a side. I should do as my friend Michele did, just freaking do it! She decided that she was going to make time and just do it, I believe she's on her 5th e-book. I am totally envious, but it is good envy.

As for the move (yeah, still on the works) We WE need to find a way to save money, my health issues have not helped much as every time we save some money it goes out on bills or prescriptions as we don't have medical or prescription coverage. It sucks big time.

My goal is still March-April. Let's see how it goes.