Sunday, May 31, 2009

Im back

Yes, I kind of dissapeared. I have been going (we) between work, non work, financial in general and health.

I had a huge fight with my boss and he suspended me for a week, bad timing, we are really broke.

Health, had another bout of serious fatigue.

But, I am going back to work tomorrow.

Updates, Due to "unemployment" period, again, we have had to re-schedule our move to Argentina (Chucks!). Unless we hit the lotto (you can't win if you dont play, right?) It bothers me that we may loose the great air fare prices for the month of September.

I have been feeling a lot better, sometimes I get fatigued too fast, that's about it. I am loosing weight, hopefully it will continue. Still too lazy to excercise, but seems that it will go away on it's own.

What else, Horacio and I are having a rough time, it will be better as soon as I return to work, He will have more opportunity to rest. He's hardly sleeping because of my coughing, that should be over soon. He's mostly in a bad mood because of frustration and lack of rest. I have to do some house chores I'll be back in a while to finish

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