Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What about the diet?

Well, it was told to me that with this newfound diabetes my food intake was going to get bad, meaning that I would not be able to eat the foods I love (Mc Donalds and all that crap). I agree BUT I have been able to manage new interesting, very tasty foods.

The fact that I should alternate proteins has me eating chicken, beef, seafood and lots and lots of vegetables. I have found very creative ways to do this. Fortunatelly the website of Diabetes control for life has many many healthy recipes for people like me :-) I am utterly happy with all recipes and ideas I've been able to get from it. I highly reccomend it. Best of everything, I still have to find 1 recipe or idea that has not worked.

For example, tonight I am making Tilapia on sauce with harvest couscous. Yummy yummy..


Anonymous said...

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