Monday, January 19, 2009


So finally the hospital figured out why I keep getting sick. I have Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM from now on). This should not surprise me as it is Hereditary, I always known that me and my siblings where pre-diabetic, but as none of us never actually got ill, we all thought we where "safe". Contraire, my blood sugar seems not to go below 175 since I started measuring with the glucose meter (3 days ago) and today, my sugar has not gone below 195, even when I am on a strict diet.

I have modified my daily diet accordingly. My necessary coffee, I drink tons of coffee, has changed to coffee with soy milk or skim milk and sweeteners. My bread is whole wheat, 7 or 15 grain. My ice cream had change to fat free yogurt on moderated doses :-(.

Diet soda, forget about my beloved white rice or my beloved potatoes. Thank God for cheeses and eggs, otherwise I think I would have perished.

You see? Diabetes seems to be OK. Just that when you are not used to watch what you eat, you have spent all your life eating what you want, when you want, this becomes cumbersome and confusing. Locally, I have found a very good and simple book... Diabetes for Dummies, it is making me a bit as is when it comes to this chronic condition that seems to be part of my life now.

My only concren that my blood glucose does no seem to go down, no matter what I do, and I obviously, cannot stop eating, it would make it all worst.

Look at my readings so far today:

4:00 AM 195 (2 cups of coffee w/soy milk & sweeteners)
6:49 AM 217 (about 1/2 cup of cheese cubes & water)
8:30 AM 253 (half a cup of dry cheerios)

I have no clue why the glucose keeps going up. Help, anyone?


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Guy said...

Are those readings AT THE TIME you ingested the items, or right after, or an hour after, or what? Simple carbohydrates in leads quickly to glucose numbers high. The big issue is how the numbers then change in the time following the ingestion. White rice and potatoes probably drive it way up, way fast, then it crashes lower in a while. Rough carbs reduce this "spiking".